About Us

Euro Entertainment is the pioneer in introducing professional sound systems in Sri Lanka, to meet international standards in the entertainment industry. It is a merge of Euro Nippon International Private Limited and Prestige Limousines Private Limited.
Euro Nippon International is one of the leading spare parts importers in Sri Lanka and Prestige Limousines is the only local company to import stretched Limousines to South Asia.

We have obtained the local distributing and importing rights for Italian made RCF Brands. RCF is one of the world’s best professional speaker manufacturers. RCF has sound solutions from small horns to the biggest arrays in the world and we intend to introduce this whole range to the local entertainment industry. Apart from direct sales we would be undertaking permanent speaker installation for Hotels/Auditoriums/Studios/Churches/Stadiums and etc. Euro Entertainment will be renting RCF sound systems for any kind of event, meeting international standards, and thus creating an opportunity for international events that demand high quality sound to be hosted in Sri Lanka.

Sound systems for previous international events had to be brought in from overseas in the past, thus Sri Lanka was not a popular location for international events. However Euro Entertainment has recognized this need and has opened Sri Lanka as a venue for international events that occur in Asia. Before Euro Entertainment was formed, sound had to be brought in from overseas for events such as IFFA, held few years ago. Euro Entertainment has made it possible for most international artists to have Sri Lanka as their venue for concerts in Asia, thus Euro Entertainment has created one more reason for tourists to come to Sri Lanka.